Not All Fat is Bad! Good Fat vs Bad Fat.

Good fats can help you lose weight. For over 30 years, fats have been considered responsible for the extra pounds. Diets entirely excluded the fat intake, although the human body needs fat to function properly! Persons who have excluded the fat from the menu have observed imbalances and diseases of certain organs, which until now were considered as obesity effects. It was found that obesity and diseases have appeared because of a diet that excluded the “good fat”.
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Healthy Eating, Healthy Living

Good health is of prime importance to all of us. We need to be healthy, filled with abundant energy, have sound sleep, be fit and have a disease free body, which will give us a sense of overall well being. In order to be fit and healthy we need to practice healthy living with healthy eating habits and exercise. We cannot be healthy if we are lazy and lethargic. We need to work hard both physically and mentally to be fit and healthy. Besides exercise, we also need to eat healthy foodstuffs and avoid junk foods, which make us lethargic and dull. If you are overweight and obese, you will suffer from health problems.  So you need to maintain an optimum body weight to be healthy.
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