Natural selection shadow shields cancer

“Natural selection process in the human body helps to protect from cancer by auto correct mechanism. Lifestyle modifications, better prevention and diagnosis of the cancer help to battle against cancer.”

Human body is a biological furnace; the cells in our body are busy and active in dividing into millions of daughter cells to replicate DNA and produce enzymes. During this biological process, human body generates new cells and casts off millions of dead cells. Approximately 5.5 grams of dead skin tissue sheds off from our body and 80% of dust particles seen in the sunbeam are human dead skin cells. Our body has remnants of dead cells like finger nails, hair and skin Continue reading “Natural selection shadow shields cancer”

Excision of Volar wrist ganglion cyst – is it dangerous?

“Volar wrist ganglion cyst develops underneath radial artery, restricting the movements of creases of the thumb affecting the radial and median nerve. Extreme care is required during excision of the cyst otherwise it may cause nerve damage.”

Volar wrist ganglion cyst usually develops underneath the radial artery following trauma, typically on outstretched hand, producing a small tear on the joint capsule. This results in escape of the joint fluid and body forms a small shell around fluid forming the cyst. Volar cyst typically appears on the palm side of the wrist and it is second most common type of wrist ganglion. Continue reading “Excision of Volar wrist ganglion cyst – is it dangerous?”

Lose weight effortlessly by eating veggies

Want to lose weight? Try this veggie diet. Food especially vegetables have a significant role in weight loss with veggies regimen. Nature has provided us with easy and simple guides, it is left to us to identify and apply it righteously. We all need simple guidelines to help us untwine from the whirlwind of complicated weight-loss programs. We just need to step back, pause, slow down, re-think and reflect on the stepping stones to promote realistic methods to lose weight. It is a bit unforeseen to watch how these 10 veggies help in losing weight, maintaining adequate energy supply to the body. Someone has rightly said “nature does everything with minimum effort and maximum result.” Continue reading “Lose weight effortlessly by eating veggies”

Diabetes – its causes and solutions

Diabetes was known to people since ages by its expressions on human body. If you ask the octogenarians of current era, about diabetes they will deny saying they never heard of it so often in their childhood or middle ages as compared to today. I shall oppose this opinion and say that it is and it was equally prevalent then and now. Let’s take a flashback and find out its evolution. Literature says that its first complete clinical description was given by a Greek physician in 1st century. Indian physicians had termed this disease as ‘madhumeha’ or ‘honey urine’ with the fact that the urine of these diseased patients would attract ants. Later on in early 1920’s, as science progressed we got information about a gland named pancreas being related to this disease directly. In the historic era, diabetes was termed incurable even by Hippocrates, the father of medicine. Physicians thought that life with diabetes was painful, short and disgusting. But later on in 20th century, introduction of insulin as a remedial agent gave hope to lot of diabetic patients. So we see that information on diabetes has gradually expanded and people are becoming more and more aware about this disease. Continue reading “Diabetes – its causes and solutions”

Surprising TRUTH on How to Lose Weight

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions among health conscious people is to lose their excess weight. Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes to lose weight shed those extra pounds from your body. People’s magazine tells us about couple of people who took up this challenge and outstretched themselves to burn their fat and got reduced to half of their size. These success stories can stimulate anyone to burn fat, lose weight and get their dream body. Continue reading “Surprising TRUTH on How to Lose Weight”